About Us

On occasion, Maryellen has to sit through the retelling of her sister’s stories about catching her in the mirror swinging or brushing her luxurious hair. I mean, sure, the hair was actually a T-shirt attached to her head but she swung it with confidence nonetheless. Long before attending cosmetology school in the early 2000’s and before wigs were “in” Maryellen had a Love for the versatility and self-expression they offered.

After moving to a small, suburban area where beauty supplies were very few, Maryellen knew she had to find an alternative way to slay. Frustrated with traveling several miles or sifting through countless pages of products and online reviews she thought “I wish wigs would just show up at my door” and The Bombshell Box was born.

Wigs are more than just looking the part and can be worn as protective styles to prevent or minimize damage to your hair as well as a temporary solution for thinning hair or hair loss. We carefully curate each item with your personal style, product quality and convenience in mind. Whether you want to be a Beyoncé blonde, a sleek-haired Trina or a curl boss like a Ross, we have something for you. The Bombshell Box gives everyone the chance to embrace who they are and who they want to be… on a budget.